Hosting a nanny share: Great or awful idea?

Hosting a nanny share: Great or awful idea?

A common question nanny-share question or concern is which family will host the nanny-share at their house or apartment? In this post, we’re going to examine the pros and cons of hosting a nanny-share at your home vs going to someone else’s home

Pros of hosting a nanny-share in your home:

  • No commute!
  • It’s a place where your child knows and a place they trust. (Where they sleep and play)
  • If you need earlier or later hours, hosting at your house provides you with better control and flexibility
  • No need to pack a lunch or make sure you’re bringing the right supplies every week

Cons of hosting a nanny-share in your home:

  • There is more wear and tear on your house.
  • You do have to host not only the child with the things that they have - so think about putting a crib in maybe a guest room and extra high chair extra toys and maybe a box for the other person’s diapers.
  • There are people coming in and out of your house every day, eliminating some of your privacy
  • You may need to keep your house to a cleaner standard than you’re used to

If a nanny-share sounds appealing, learn how to get started here.

Pros of hosting at someone else’s home:

  • There’s no wear and tear on your house.
  • You’ll have better flexibility with drop off and pickup
  • Privacy of not having people constantly in and out of your home

Cons of hosting at someone else’s home:

  • Your child will have to adapt to the new environment
  • You’ll have to commute to the nanny-share
  • It’s not your house, and so there’s a little less control over the setup and structure

Do nanny-share’s happen at just one home or can they switch back and forth?

It’s usually just one home, you’re not normally switching back and forth because the things you have to store at one, but you might want to consider location number one.

  • Is it close to a park, close the sidewalks or great things for your nanny to take the kids to do outside not just being inside your house?
  • What is the house layout?
  • Is there a great area for the kids to play that is really childproof?
  • Are there pets allergies you need to aware of?

We hope this was helpful! Let us know if you have any questions and have a great day.


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